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How to Hide Your ChatGPT Conversations

ChatGPT is among the best AI tools to use for quickly getting information on a topic. If you frequently use ChatGPT, your sidebar is undoubtedly cluttered with outdated and unneeded conversations from the past. There may even be some sensitive chats you don’t want anyone to see or want to keep hidden. You don’t need to […]

How to Update LinkedIn Profile Without Notifying Connections

Whenever you update your LinkedIn profile, it notifies your connections about the changes. Even if the update is small, people will react to it, which can be bothersome. This guide looks at methods that will enable you to update your LinkedIn profile without notifying your connections.  While it can be tempting to update your LinkedIn […]

El aterrizador Odiseo cayó de lado sobre la superficie de la Luna

Por @Wicho — 24 de Febrero de 2024 “ODYSSEUS” LUNAR LANDER TIPPED OVER!@Int_Machines CEO Steve Altemus says Odysseus landing pad probably caught a rock at touchdown and tipped over.A.k.a “dynamic rollover”.Lander still working and communicating. pic.twitter.com/UJf9Th0oJq — Pascal Lee (@pascalleetweets) February 24, 2024 A pesar de que Intuitive Machines y la NASA informaron al principio […]

Xiaomi says India’s scrutiny of Chinese firms unnerves suppliers  

Business & FinanceTechnology 12 February 2024, 9:06 pm 1 minute Reuters exclusively reported that China’s Xiaomi has told the Indian government that its heavy scrutiny of Chinese companies has made smartphone component suppliers wary about setting up operations in India.  Market Impact India ramped up scrutiny of Chinese businesses after a 2020 border clash between […]

Nvidia stock surges as revenue forecast tops estimates, AI demand continues

Business & FinanceTechnology 22 February 2024, 10:46 pm 1 minute Reuters was first to report on chipmaker Nvidia’s first-quarter revenue forecast that beat expectations and sent the AI chip bellwether’s shares soaring to a record high.  Market Impact Nvidia shares, which have gained more than 30% in value this year on the back of demand […]

Telegram: How to Send One-Time Photo or Voice Note

Are you looking to share some private photos on Telegram that you don’t want the receiver to store permanently? Thankfully, Telegram allows you to send one-time photos and voice notes, which disappear after being viewed once. This feature adds an extra layer of privacy and a fun twist to your conversations. So, if you’re ready […]

un juego de palabras para practicar vocabulario en inglés

Por @Alvy — 23 de Febrero de 2024 Para quienes quieran practicar su vocabulario en inglés o simplemente mejorarlo Triword puede ser un entretenimiento ideal, al estilo Wordle de palabras. Consiste en adivinar las tres letras que, juntas, van al comienzo o final de las letras que se muestran, de modo que formen todas ellas […]

Todos los componentes del primer Ariane 6 que volará al espacio están ya en el Espaciopuerto de Kourou

Por @Wicho — 22 de Febrero de 2024 #Ariane6 est arrivée à #Kourou ! L’étage principal et l’étage supérieur du modèle de vol sont arrivés hier à bord du navire #Canopée. Ils ont ensuite été acheminés vers le bâtiment d’assemblage lanceur (BAL), au port spatial de l’Europe. #FairedécollerAriane6 pic.twitter.com/zOzK5cJbDg — Centre spatial guyanais (@EuropeSpacePort) February […]